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a nefarius plans. we don't know, they met and planned to release it to destroy reputation. that's what surveillance scandals in the past have been about. >> glen greenwald, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up -- how to talk more of how to talk to your crazy
, bending without breaking i don't want to be preachy. go back to some of my father's music, which is amazing. it is still relevant. it's amazing. he left me with a lot of music i can rest her back to. >> it impacted your life and your song stylings. why is it important to take that ? you could be singing lyrics that are totally different. why is it important to do it that way? universei put into the is so important to me. to say,eople to be able she really talked about what was happening, what was going on, and it was a history lesson. it has always been important to me. i love blues music so much. it. ithe potential of want it for the rest of the world. in order to do that, i have to evolve and grow so the music can evolve and grow. i had been singing for 15 years. to getsaid, i am going voice lessons so i can learn to sing. evolve andonstantly grow so the music can. that's what i am trying to do. much pushback do you get for being straight forward in your lyrical content, or is it welcomed? >> i think it is welcomed by most. the other ones we ain't going to worry about. tavis: h
and another mayor going nuts. >> don't call me mayor. call me [bleep]. because that's what i am. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight on this thanksgiving eve. are you happy with your country? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no question we live in a divided nation. after five years of president obama wanting to change the nation imposing social justice many americans have had enough. the economy is all wrong. the only reason we are not in a recession because the fed is printing money to prop things up and that is eroding the value of the dollars we are holding. the national healthcare situation is chaotic to say the least. a recent fox news poll asks are you satisfied with how things are going with america? just 26 percent said yes. whopping 73% no. similar result came from a cbs poll which usually leans democratic. that that one 27% of americans say we are on the right track. 68% wrong track. so you can see that there is deep disenchantment in the u.s.a. far lef
missed those moments and that they don't, that they felt they didn't have the training to catch those moments or really do that inner reflection, but then they started sharing their stories of being bullied in their life and why they got into education and suddenly everyone was crying. it's a really amazing moment. so i think those moments are really important. the other thing you asked about with the parent when sunset is referring to alex's dad. >> they are referring to his mom and dad being upset with him for not standing up for himself, i just wanted to cringe. >> what's clear is when dad said if you don't make a stop, this could happen to your little sister. then the sister gets in on it and it's, like, just puts the, as sisters will do, but i think as a, as someone who was a boy and had difficult conversations with my dad, i really really remember that sort of punch them, make it go away. a lot of families will give that advice. i'm not even convinced that's the wrong advice, the problem is when they doesn't work, then they shut down and quit coming to you because they
william gross. >> ordinary folks, the 99%, don't have any money anymore! the rich 1% and corporations do. developed economies work best when inequality and incomes are at a minimum. >> stephen: that is a sobering thought. metaphorically, of course. as soon as i heard it i got drunk. (laughter) the point is i'm choosing to believe that income inequality isn't as big a deal and doesn't need to change. here to tell me it is a big deal and needs to change is former labor secretary for president clinton and star of the new documentary "inequality for all" robert reich. mr. reich, thank you so much for joining us. (cheers and applause) you were on the show about three years ago sounding the alarm warning if we didn't do something it would tank economy or cause a revolution. three years later i'm richer than ever. i assume you're back here to apologize. >> no, i didn't tell you exactly when it would tank the economy and cause a revolution. i said if we continue in the same direction it's dangerous for the economy and dangerous for our democracy and i still think it is very dangerous. >> stephen
and punching them -- >> they do it in great britain, too, wow. >> what do you make of it? >> i don't make anything of it. i doesn't make any sense. it's a game to some people. i don't think it's cool. they are not hitting me. i saw one guy hit a woman, hit a girl from behind and -- >> would you ever -- when you grew up on the streets of brooklyn, would you have ever done something like that. >> if i was on a robbing spree or robbing somebody i've done something like that but this is just for fun. these guys just -- it's just no purpose of doing it. i saw someone hit a woman. i would never hit a girl to the face. i just couldn't imagine. the only thing i could imagine is that being my daughter or my wife. >> why do people do it do you think? i have no idea. i don't have no idea. maybe they just evil. they are just some evil people. >> last time you came on the show, i talked to you about health care and we had this exchange. let's watch this. >> when you go back to your old streets and you meet your old guys and so on, what do you think the real cares and fears of the earge americ of the a
even more regular and easy to deal with. beautiful buses. i don't see why the tourists would not be happy with these, the new electric busses. and i also want to emphasize the situation about the vibration. we also notice it in the house i live in on mccallister street. the tour busses seem to be the worst for this. the street is also, mccallister street is also very narrow and a lot of the hop on hop off busses have been shifted over to mccallister street instead of being actually operating on the square. another thing i wanted to mention was with regard to the travel association saying that obviously they are disappointed since they have alamo square on their brochures, they might have to change this, but i did have a question as to whether the neighborhood was ever consulted with in the first place when this was put on their brochures. to my knowledge i don't think we were. and i strongly support option 1 and i appreciate all the research and meetings and help that jerry robins has given us in the past few years. >> next speaker, please. . >> john morris, todd geist, todd
tough because you try to dois the assignment and you say ime don't want everyone to know. >> i the guy says several of thoseescriptions. [laughter] >> of course, not. melissa: i had to walk around i sha this with so many don't talk about me but everybody else. [laughter] they said politely bring it to their attention that if that doesn't work but then you coordinate withhr everybody else in your area and yes. >> did you should speak lower. >> i seeing slow talkers are far more irritating because said it is so important, i am sorry. what? what?out melissa: y say that quiet whispered? >> to demonstrate to you think they will get the message? >> they cannot keep the natural inclination if they are the of loud talker. >> you just lrn word your own town. t [laughter] >> i think gossipy is a huuge problem and it is toxic.ic >>. melissa: maybe i am wrong but i think the fun gossipce that is not her fault but across the other team across the river but then there is negative gossip where maybe sor they're not so happy with their own situation.a: >> j sometimes it requires cruey there
of churches and other houses of worship, they don't have to worship, they don't have to provide it. provide it. they don't have to paid for it. they don't have to paid for it. >> when it was announced the >> when it was announced the supreme court would hear the hop supreme court would hear the hop hobby lobby case yesterday, the hobby lobby case yesterday, the white house put out a statement. white house put out a statement. our policy is designed to insure our policy is designed to insure that healthcare decisions are that healthcare decisions are made between a woman and her made between a woman and her doctor. doctor. the president believes that no the president believes that no one, including the government or one, including the government or for-profit corporations should for-profit corporations should be able to dictate those be able to dictate those decisions to women. decisions to women. over the summer the tenth over the summer the tenth circuit court of appeals in circuit court of appeals in denver ruled in favor of hobby denver ruled in favor of hobby lobby contending because it's
. >> it wasn't in november. >> abraham lincoln dedicated the day. >> correct. i don't know what year it was. he decided it was going to be the fourth thursday in november. >> i love the story of the may flower. i always loved it and thought it was great. i'm not going to come down too hard on the kids. i hope they learn and love it like i did. >> american history is important. the principles of the country was founded on the unique history. shouldn't students and adults still remember it. >> i was teaching politics class in new jersey. i brought my kids in high school. i said i want everyone here to name the presidents. my two kids had them exactly right. not one of the 25 in the graduate class could name more than 80%. it was amazing to me. not only that, they couldn't write. i think history is important. the history repeats itself. particularly in politics. study that. we talked last week about liberals are they dead? the cycles are cycles. the fact you don't know this is sad commentary. >> even parts that rnaren't gre about our history. sometimes we avoid it and don't want to get into histor
opening at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. i don't know that it will be an all-night affair and we are looking for the people that will be disappointed with limited quantities, no rain checks and falling into that trap, and then they can come through 6:00 a.m., we advertise what we have, we're going to make a lot of people happy. neil: god bless you. unless it's a denny's grand slam, i don't know that i will show up. but what is interesting is that a lot of others felt the same way you do and then they started talking about their competitors. they started singing the competitors doing this. first tentatively and then earlier and longer. and they felt that if they didn't do this, and some of them have said that they were not fans of doing that. that otherwise they would be the odd retailer out. you feel that pressure? >> there is pressure every year. we are a family owned and operated business and we still have family values and this is what we choose to do. like you said, could we be giving up some business on thanksgiving day? well, maybe so. but i will tell you that the response that we have
back to mom? mom and daddy. >> come here. she's like no, i don't think so. >> you've grown up, ella. >> she sure has. >> boots pumpkin head. >> they will be at the parade tomorrow and -- >> yeah. it's going to be fun. >> the weather, hoda was saying, has been really rough. at 2:00 in the morning i thought our house was going to fall in. we're on the water there and -- every flue is open. you just hear the -- >> i'm curious about the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow because they are expecting some wind gusts saying 30 miles per hour. they're waiting until the last minute to find out -- >> i heard 50. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll find out. they may have to -- we'll see what they do. they'll make decisions at the last minute. >> call your carrier. >> we've compiled a list, traveling today and want to know what the busy airports and rest stops. here they are. number five the fifth busiest airport today is jfk at 4:00 p.m. >> come at a quarter of. >> san francisco at 1:00 p.m. please avoid that. l.a.x. at high noon. >> yep. >> chicago o'hare at 4:00 p.m. and the atlanta
to set up a format for all electronic filing in the future. we don't have a platform for the electronic filing for these two forms yet. but we plan to at some point. as we generally are moving toward all electronic filing for the things that we do. i would just like to say that anything that we can do to make the filing for candidate and their staff easier, i think is an important... >> these actually effect the city, office holders and city employees who have to file these. >> right. >> i agree with with mr. st. croix that this is something that is overdue in regard to all city activities that allow for electronic use of things rather than get us out of the paper age, so that it is certainly a good idea. >> i have observation which of what must be a typo or a mistake. in regards to the attachment, and the form for the certificate of ethics training. that is involved and attached and this died and i believe that there is a mistake, in the first bullet point, where it says please review the following to determine when you must complete the training. it says if you are completing training
. three things you must take care of first. i don't usually address these subjects. sometimes, i feel remiss that i'm not mentioning them more. we don't teach financial literacy in high school in this country and few colleges will teach you a thing about how to manage your finances, although you might learn a ton of stuff about english literature or marxism. this is one of the reasons i wrote, so you can have a personal finance foundation you need to invest in the market. one of the three things you must do before you own a stock, first, this is going to sound boring and it just sucks the life out of everything, but you need to hear it. if you have to, you've got do pay off all of your credit card debt. i like to be as entertaining as possible. i still see people who have it. i'm not one of those zealots who say your credit cards should be cut up or that credit card companies are evil. like a lot of the companies that recommend but the facts are these. if you have credit card debt, you are playing an extraordinarily high interest rate on that to the credit card company. we're talking
couldn't attend. all right. so we don't have a huge agenda hopefully, we'll keep this under an hour. the first thing is any public comment? this is for anything that say you feel protons to the business of the entertainment commission. seeing none, public comment is closed. moving on to item 2 is the rough and approval of minutes november filth. commissioners i don't know if you have any changes to make if not happy to entertain a motion >> i move to approve. >> second. >> audrey joseph is there any public comment from the minutes of this last meeting. seeing none, supervisor hiding. audrey joseph. barbara campagnoli. item 3 report from our executive director take it away director king >> good evening i will make this short. hello. i'm going to mix this up. and talk about something we talked about latin last night. a buff of us went to the lesion project and the heritage sf a nonprofit they added writing to new bars and restaurants to their program and we assisted in putting the event go together last time. it was full probable 50 or 60 people. there were owners felt legacy bar
our show, no matter how much we prepare behind-the-scenes sometimes things don't go the way we planned. a few interviews that turned out even better than expected. maybe not for the right reasons. stay tuned for an hour of fun because even when they say it is not it is always about money. ♪ melissa: first for your holiday viewing pleasure the astonishing interview neil cavuto did with the all land and unpredictable john mcafee, the very wealthy founder of mcafee anti virus software. you may remember got caught up in a bizarre murder story last year. he is known for his eccentric behavior and neil cavuto started the hour with an outrageous video that mcafee himself made the. some call him the man genius. you judge for yourself. bernard: 1 made you do that? >> the press said they planned number of labels on me and seem to be sticking. i surrounded myself with guns, surrounded myself with women. are was paranoid. apparel and rand you to three or four seconds on was an example, i did basalts. on the desk i had two boxes labeled with bath salts and was supporting them with my full face to
'm not being sarcastic. but you can add an i to that. pimp. it has pimped our community. we don't have ex-commissioners or ex-staff on our team. we don't have that luxury like yerba buena can have that people that work for them. what i am happy is because some ground people came here to, i get confused with your oversight committee. i don't know what this is all about. i try to study and you have one agency watching over another agency. this thing with yoshi, i don't see anybody here that video taped from the beginning. washington was there from the beginning. i go back 20 years when jefferson created the jazz. let's go back 2 weeks ago where we couldn't get your staff to come out because you had no money. i'm happy she's coming out this saturday. i hope that you come out and hear other than what you have heard from ace. i hear at yoshi's will be going bankrupt and you are going to transfer it to the city. it's all the same thing. it's the city. it might have different departments it's a city. that's a pity because you treat us like, let me say this ladies and gentlemen, i am sick and tir
say "hey, i don't like that piece of content" and instead of reporting to facebook ink and we have 3,000 people but we don't understand the context of everything going on. you can report to a family or friend or somebody off the site. >> in the context -- >> in the context of the behavior itself. we have seen the reports go down. the closing of the reports go up and when we surveyed the people both the person reported and the person reporting -- not everyone, but most of the people were very satisfied how it resolved itself. now just think about that. somebody said -- so it's like i say to anne "anne nice shirt. nice jacket. >> but you hate it. >> and i hate it or maybe i don't. i'm giving a complement. the thing is facebook inc. doesn't know the context but now we have a system in place and i can resolve to anne and anne could say "i didn't mean to post that photo in an inappropriate way. i'm going to take it down" and we survey the people and everyone feels good about the situation and traditionally we thought it was a case of bullying and two people -- >> misunderstanding.
evening. i'm jerold. i want to tell you that some s r o we don't feel like people who are living there and don't count they have mostly meetings and if you check with the management or the building manager of that building they've give you the exact time and date. i know around 17th and mission they have a couple of s r os the star is one and i know they have mostly meetings especially, if a business is coming out the neighborhood. i know that most people in the s r os would like to find out u find out how to get a job. so keep that in mind. the s r os count and they have mostly meetings >> thank you. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. the matter is now with the commission. having to take more discussion or a motion >> do you want to make a motion then we could have discussion so i move to approve. >> i second. >> all right. let's. >> for discussion i want to say this business is not new in the neighborhood. it's trying to enhance. so if people think it's new in the neighborhood it isn't and that's my comment >> i'd like to add that in
, wrong disaster. (laughter) you know what? you know what? i think cnn's the don lemon put obama's public implosion into the proper perspective. >> you won't find two politicians who've had worse weeks than president obama and toronto mayor rob ford. they've had a pretty bad week. (audience reacts) president obama saying sorry over and over for his so-called signature achievement, obamacare, rob ford admitting to be a crack smoker. (audience reacts). >> stephen: yes, obama is in the same tight spot as toronto's crack-smoking mayor. i mean, the parallels are everywhere, folks. both had press conferences-- and that's it. (laughter) but, folks, comparing the first black president to the first blackout mayor isn't unfair. it's not unfair at all because lemon made sure to ask several times whether it was unfair or not. >> is it fair, though, to compare the two crises? >> no, it's not fair to compare them at all. they're totally different. >> i'll ask you the same question. is it fair to compare the two crises? because it's about damage control not whether the two crises are equivalent. >> exac
for other purchases with the purchase of this ipad mini. don't buy stuff you didn't need. gerri: you definitely need a shopping lst. [laughter] absolutely, shop online if you can't enjoy yourself. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. so will consumers shop until they drop? inside into how willing people are to openheir wallets. peter barnes has the latest. reporter: that's rightt a new consumer survey says that more people will spend more money on their holiday shopping this year but it might've been higher had it not been for the fiscal battles in washington, which made some shoppers cautious this holiday season. the consumer federation of america hold more than 1000 consumers for their annual holiday shopping survey. 15% said that they plan to increase holiday spending this year, a sligh increase over this 12% rise last year, which was up from 8% who said they spent more in 2011. 32% say they plan to spend less this year from 30% who said that last year and they are going to spend about the same. but the surveyuggested that the increase in the number of consumer spending, spend
don't believe we should even call anyone a bully because once you get labeled it stays with you. i've gotten letters saying there's a bully in my kid's first grade. the statistics show that about a third of the kids are bullied and bully others. as one kid said, i wanted to man up and show i wasn't going to be bullied so i did it to anyone else. breaking that cycle is going to be exciting and it's exciting to hear that restoretive justice isn't just on the fringe, that whole school districts are taking them on. it's going to be a process to do that because part of the anti-bullying movement is you go online, you see stomp out the bully, get the bully. it's important we all kind of take a stand on that. we all need to learn how to treat each other and change our behaviors. >> thanks, becky, unfortunately that is in in terms of questions because i hate to be the person to stand between you and lunch. we will take about a 20-minute break, you should all be back in your seats by about 12.20, if you can all join me in thanking our fantastic panelists. (lunch break) i have the distin
, but the public library and don't give money to the friends of the library and i do have a graphic display and i hope that you know that on september 19, the california fair political practices commissioner in sacramento found that the city librarian was guilty of three years of violations for further report of gifts and these are laws that are designed to represent those in the public from representing the interest of those who give them money instead. and in order for the society to protect itself, the city library had to sign, every other year under penalty of perjury that he attended ethics trainings on reporting gifts and in order for this society to protect itself, the city has to sign that he has taken training and after that he has signed the perjury that he had nothing to report, while he was receiving $65,000 per year, from the friends of the library. and these statements under the penalty of perjury had no effect on inducing the city library from making the required disclosures, the reason for the signature under the penalty of pergry is to make every violation willful and to create t
a appreciated. we don't have a budget analyst report so we will move to public comment. seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can i have a motion to move this forward and we can do so without opposition. madam clerk can you call item six. >> item six is the issuance of tax-exempt obligations - pacific primary for nonprofit corporations and aggregate not to exceed $4,500,000 to finance krears facilities owned pacific primary. >> okay. thank you very much. this item is sponsored by supervisor breed. i believe the legislative aide will speak on this item. >> yes briefly. i think we have more qualified people than i to speak. this is in district five and supervisor breed is happy to support the refinancing and i will let them speak to it specifically. >> thanks. >> good morning. i am executive director of pacific primary. pacific primary is a nonprofit full day year round school that is at grove and baker since 1974. in 2008 we opened a brand-new school so that we have a total of 155 children and we did that only to keep families in the city and to offer the type of education
on the roster, that concludes roll call for introductions >> >> why don't we now go to general public comment? >> at this time, the public may comment generally for up to 2 minutes for items within the subject matter jurisdiction within the board, and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items which have already had public comment at a board committee and please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount time to testify, and if you want a document to be displayed please indicate such. >> thank you, let's hear from our first speaker. er >> don't give many of the friends of the library, the system encourages public comment and most of the safeguards of democracy em powers the public citizen, dehumanization, i attempt to counter this by acknowledging by birthday. i am 67 today, 67 is not a major birthday, but you don't need to be [inaudible] to figure out that if yesterday was the 50th anniversa
? >> was race a factor? >> are you racist? >> am i a racist? (laughter) >> jon: never ask a question you don't know the answer to. (laughter) the media they are just askinging they don't know. everything is happening, they are just passengers on this crazy bus called news. (laughter) >> fear not, for tonight we settle the investigationing questions with our brand-new segment, racist or not racist? jessica william, jason jones, aasif manned very. thank you for joining us. we are very excited about this segment. it's a beautiful segment, a big segment. >> okay, well, first of all that is one weak segment title. (laughter) >> jon: you have a better title. >> yeah, of course i do. >> jon: okay. >> welcome to straight trippers or we cool. >> jon: isn't that title racist. >> oh, yes, definitely, but not if i say it. >> jon: all right, let's go on to our first story if we k we will start this is an easy one if you want, easy one. >> halloween is over but its controversy surrounding a costume is continuing after a boy dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. >> jon: okay, remember we're starting fre
that form the lattice work of kinship in our lives. people that we love that don't share our world views. that have different ways of thinking and different politics. that brut fact is often a source of stress. it is also kind of a wonderful thing. it would be a sad, impoverished world if we had no relationships with people of different political views. the fact of family get-togethers has given birth to an entire genre, how to talk to your family members about "x" at the holiday genre. the president offered this advice for a tweet. when your loved ones get together this holiday season, remember to talk to them about health insurance. he also launched this website how to talk to your relatives about health care in four easy steps accompanied by a video. >> hi, mom. >> hi, sweetie. you almost here. >>yeah, i'll be there in a few. >> good, because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> what the heck do they want to talk to me about? >> your mother and i have joined a service. ♪ we're daf punk. >> i'm a which hizard. >> i'm a daf punk. >> grandma is a dragon. >> what
, but we don't know what happens tomorrow. and this system, i don't know of any other system where people who are not employees are monitored to this degree in any other system in the world. and it's frightening, actually. that's all i have to say. >> thank you, sir. >> jim santos, steven humphries. >> good afternoon, mr. santos. >> thanks, good afternoon, my name is jim santos and i work for a company called taxi magic. we provide the nation's largest e-hailing system for booking a taxi via smart phone. i just wanted to touch on the e-hailing factor here. what i wanted to speak mostly about is the cost factor and the complexity of doing what the proposal has. i think that the cost is grossly underestimated in terms of the effort needed to build such a system. i wanted to touch on a few facts. no city has ever created a system remotely similar to this mainly because the private market is already offering data for free and e-hailing systems from companies like ours for free. the vendor you have chosen has never built a system like the one you have in this proposal so they have zero experie
't that the purpose? they need all the people to sign up. but the message is don't go. not many of you anyway. there are still concerns about how much the site can handle. that's a real problem for the millions of americans who have seen their insurance policies cancelled and must sign up for coverage. must sign up by december 23 in order for them and their families to have coverage in the new year. 5,500,000 people who had insurance, many of whom were happy with the insurance, got their policies cancelled thanks to this law. and now may not have insurance come 2014, thanks to the law. now they are told to stay off the website. not many at one time. on a conference call today an official with the centers for medicaid and medicare services warned there is still a lot to do over the next few days cautioning this is not a magical date. they said there will be times when the site does not perform optimally. they say there are hard drive issues, software issues, many of which need to be fixed. this from kathleen sebelius. warning earlier this week, quote, this isn't a magic turn-on switch. the exp
people we have offered early retirement. we expect we will get 600-800 people to take that. we don't know exactly what the .ong-term implications are we will have to wait and see. but we are poised if we have to reduce it further to do that in january. >> how is it that you are not profitable >> we are a $6.5 billion organization and we are a nonprofit organization like almost every other hospital in the country. stockholders, no shareholders, no incentives, no bonuses. backf the residual goes into building the organization and doing the research and paying the employees. i read that there is no tenure at the cleveland clinic. what difference does that make is to mark >> all of us are we have nond financial incentives. i could look at you and say you need a heart operation. it would have no effect whatsoever on my back pocket. it's all about whether i think you need it or not. tot is a wonderful feeling be able to say to a patient, i think you need something, and not have them worry that you are doing it for your own financial benefit. salaried, andre we have annual professional reviews.
that have been created around the country we haven't gotten the thirty periods of time because we don't have the health care. we can't cope people into the housing because of the health care or we've left them on the streets because we can't deal with that. that's a priority that's where we want the resources the cost of effectiveness argument works. >> okay. well this is our opportunity to have a conversation with the panelists. you've got 15 minutes if you could tells the who you are >> sure i'm with bill i'm with the please state your name and address and i want to thank you all for our comments. i've an advocate for affordable housing. i'm sproitd people aren't talking about fooshlth. there's aren't the section 8s available for people at the lowest income level. i haven't heard you talk about affordability in section 8 so - >> well, i mean that's a key poise. the section 8 program the dollars cope going up every year but because housing costs rise the number of people served e served is reduced. that's one the facts is affordability you can't afford your rent it's stressful. we need t
. having had many conversations with scott smith from robert sub she, i don't know if he had a chance to get here. he's here now. i'm glad to say that scott has shown greater personal participation with 53-54 and i believe he's already seeing some successes of that working with local contractors on 53-54 who are not competitive on the 50-51 bid. working with robert sub she we have broken the packages down even smaller than 50-51. partially due to the fact that it allows you to do so because of individual buildings, but we felt that given the lessons learned from 50-51, if we break it further down, we can perhaps increase participation at the local level. we are looking for teaming opportunities between local sbe's and established companies to bring the local contractors, the necessary competitive bidding knowledge and management expertise. in addition to robert soeb she and butler enterprises and cheryl and terry and patrick, i assure you that lawn ar management are engaged in the community and trying to learn from our lessons of 50-51 and implement procedures from the knowledge we ga
of different really strong emotions, and if they don't know how to put words to that, they don't know how to begin to solve the problems or ask for help and this is at the very fundamental level which we teach very, very young children. they have the do -- domains and compassion and we heard bullying is a problem with relationships and a lot of researchers talk about it like this as well. this is where we learn about having positive relationships that make a difference between peer to peer in the schools that make a difference between adults and the children in the schools and for people not just in school but i am sure all of you can look up here and in each of the domains think of something in all of them in the last 24 hours that you had to use, that you had to activate in relationships with the co-workers or spouses and these are different life skills and there is the area of responsible decision making and comes into play when you have to figure out what to do when you have a problem, so you can probably just look at that and "oh yes, i see where the connections would be" and i wou
. >> here's the big play. >> turkey tom fight. two tom turkeys fighting nance. >> i don't see this as a fight as like a tango. it's like a dance. >> in the beginning, yeah, it is like weird arm wrestling. but with their necks. >> like some wrestling. >> two males fighting for their dominance for their harem. >> three females enjoying their time. poor man. poor buys, all stupid fighting over a woman. >> women are enjoying their life. >> i like this guy. life comment tear, deep thoughts. incredible. >> i guess that's the law of nature. >> wow, beautiful. i have never seen turkey fight. >> the females make they're way back over. >> break it up. guys, stop it. >> they continue to pay no attention. >> females, you guys want to join the foray? you guys don't want to expand your energy in. >> they don't care. they're not fighting three females and two of them. >> good odds. >> strongest dna must prevail. >> i love how the girls are fighting over each other for two guys. one of the girls have to go. >> the girls must know they'll be too tired to do anything. no word on who won. >> pro
seen coming. >> they still don't know, it sounds like, whether or not they are going to be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. >> he should have just told everybody the truth from the beginning. but, you know what? if he had, they wouldn't have passed it. >> yet another delay in the obamacare rollout. hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. the white house choosing the busiest travel day of the year to slide in the latest delay. did they really think that nobody would notice? karl rove joins us now. karl, the first thing i thought when i heard about this delay was, hmmm, it's not exactly a friday afternoon dump like you would call it in washington, d.c. but it's pretty darn close. what's the first thing you you thought when you heard about this latest delay? >> well, the first thing i thought of is, look, this is not the worst thing about this particular program. the shop program. they actually had a huge failure in april, in april they announced that they would not -- if you were a small business and you wanted to go buy a shop plan, for
place on the face of the earth. place on the face of the earth. europe looks at us like we don't europe looks at us like we don't know what we're doing - looks at know what we're doing - looks at us like we're crazy. us like we're crazy. >> open nine. >> open nine. >> in this special >> in this special investigation, fault lines gains investigation, fault lines gains unprecedented and exclusive unprecedented and exclusive access to prisons across the access to prisons across the united states and discovers a united states and discovers a booming population of elderly booming population of elderly inmates. inmates. we ask: what's the we ask: what's the true cost of america's true cost of america's "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- key" approach to justice? key" approach to justice? >> i heard him fall. >> i heard him fall. >> inmates call this the death >> inmates call this the death house. house. the geriatric unit at the joseph the geriatric unit at the joseph harp correctional center in harp correctional center in lexington, oklahoma, holds more lexington
, you've got to get the politics right. it's the reason people walk away from politics. they don't want to participate. don't want to watch. don't want to hear about it. but you can't, because in the end you've got to get it right. i'll give you one example. you can have the most efluorescent and sophisticate of cultures, and if you get the politics wrong, everything gets swept away-- germany, 1933, china during the cultural revolution. you don't have to go back into history. north korea today, the south has gotten the politics right. people live there -- >> rose: and the economics. >> right. -- in prosperity and in freedom. the north has gotten it tragically, horribly wrong. it's in the grip of a mad kind of stalinism. as a result, people are enslaved and society is a spiritual and material desert. that's what happens. and that's why even though i really enjoyed the practice of medicine and i believe to this day it's one of the most noble hendefers anybody can engage-- endeavors anybody can engage in, i left it because i thought everything in the end is going to hinge on politics. i wa
.gov in the coming days. isn't that the purpose? they need all the people to sign up. but the message is don't go. not many of you anyway. there are still concerns about how much the site can handle. that's a real problem for the millions of americans who have seen their insurance policies cancelled and must sign up for coverage. must sign up by december 23 in order for them and their families to have coverage in the new year. 5,500,000 people who had insurance, many of whom were happy with the insurance, got their policies cancelled thanks to this law. and now may not have insurance come 2014, thanks to the law. now they are told to stay off the website. not many at one time. on a conference call today an official with the centers for medicaid and medicare services warned there is still a lot to do over the next few days cautioning this is not a magical date. they said there will be times when the site does not perform optimally. they say there are hard drive issues, software issues, many of which need to be fixed. this from kathleen sebelius. warning earlier this week, quote, this isn't a magic
and measures and mta, the other one is not, belongs to uber, who is uber, who is uber technology. they don't have license, how do they operate. all of them from uber technology, the game is cash money and all over they are going to put us out of business. >> nor aiesa >> good evening, my name is nor aiesa, i have been a driver for about 35 years, i have experienced up cycles and down cycles. this cycle i must be honest it's one of the worst i have experienced and yet i have not seen the market end of the tunnel. but i still strongly believe that we can do things to fix it. it's fixable, we still can save it. however, we all have to compromise a little bit and i use the word compromise, not sacrifice, it's not there yet but we have to do something about it. i would be willing to discuss all the small details in this regard but it can't be done possibly now, i don't have the time. however, i am supportive of this new agreement, it could do no harm, it could only do something good for the industry. we are all in it together, we have huge competitor outside here and we already have to compete
-- and this is my initiative and if you don't do the right thing you don't look like what know what you're doing and that isn't cool and you didn't do your job that well, if we get in these ambassador programs and give them training and rigor and how difficult that moment can be you can transform a school because of the power of kids talking to each other. >> all right. do we have another question? >> i appreciate that point you have been making. been, wooing with the board and the foundation and launch the student advisory board and i think we need to get that training kicked in really fast and that's a point well taken, and i appreciate lee you showing that clip because it illustrates an important distinction that we need to make. we don't want to send the message to america that bullying is normative; that bullying is normal, and that clip illustrated that the school is sending that message, and there is a difference, an important distinction between the school sort of embodying and sending the message to the kids that bullying is just a part of growing up and believing that bullying in ou
paying attention on jobs, that's why so many people don't have jobs so we have a lot of things to talk about but i will be coming back because now my grand dauktder is 16 and i have plenty of time. thank you. and i do support the giants also, what they're trying to do. >> good afternoon. my name is anthony wonder burger and i have worked at the giants ballpark for a little over 3 yearess, i started as a cook and now i work as a bartender in the new goth em club, i was born into a white collar family that had a very strong belief in unions and under that belief, with the promise of fair wages and fair treatment, i went into food service in this community, and i'm here today to ask jou all to sign the pledge for the boycott against center plate. i actually have -- i live in reolinda now, i live in san mateo now, but due to the lack of improved contract conditions, i have been forced to move as it's just become unaffordable to live in this area. it takes me about two hours to get to my job at at&t park but i still continue to do so, myself and my family, we need those benefits. and, you k
in your red to go cup. you don't chuck, you sip, you savor it. >> i love craft beer because it is very delicious, and it is constantly evolving, and it has many different behavior flavorsi feel that i' i'm constantly learning new things about it. >> reporter: defined craft is artisan. brewers focus on new interpretations of old styles and create new ones. handcrafted it's distinctly american. craft beer drinkers consume six percent of the total beer market but that equals $10 billion in retail sales last year. sales of the big beers, the ones even non-drinkers know, coor's, budweiser, grew by 1% last year but craft beer is booming. this niche market saw a 15% increase in volume, and this was the sixth straight year of double-digit growth even in the midst of high employment and sagging salaries. craft beer would appear recession proof. >> i like craft beer instead of something like a budweiser, miller's coor's because you can pursue different flavors and learn about different styles. there is not just one type of beer that maybe gives you a bu buzz. >> reporter: large manufacturers are
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